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We, Manhattan Trading LTD / L.L.C , One of the leading stockist and supplier of Piping Materials in China , Turkey , KSA , Qatar , UK and UAE. We have been successfully serving both domestic and international industries of Offshore-Onshore, Petrochemical, drilling, Marine, and Energy-Power . Sector by having head office located in heart of Dubai ,UAE and the branch office in Birmingham ,UK. Through our range of Stock , We cater to the needs of our varoius client industries in Middle East.


Pipes- Welded/Seamless- : Caron Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy steel. Pipefittings-Butweld/Forged - : Caron Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy steel. Flanges-Weld Neck, Slipon, Blind, Socket Weld, Long weld neck, Threaded.Flange as per customer drawing :Caron Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy steel. Valves –Forged and Casting - Gate,Globe,Ball,Check,Plug - Caron Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy steel. Gaskets- Ring gasket, Spiral wound gasket, Gasket sheets. Fasteners. Wire mesh.


Wide range of stock- Approved brands./Non approved brands. Efficient Team work -with professional and skilled persons. Direct import from mill –Manufacture from USA/EUROPE/JAPAN/KOREA/CHINA/FAR EAST. Quality & Standard- Separate QC/QA department ensure for the quality of material at the time of material receipt and material issue .


UAE Pipeline . Pakistan Gas Project . Sharjeh Gas Pipeline to Dubai (UAE). Al Etehad Gas Project Ajman (UAE).
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How Pipe Is Manufactured:

Production of steel pipe is grouped into Two General Categories:

There are many methods of producing steel pipe in current use. However, most of the pipe produced in the United States is made by either the Continuous Weld, the Electric Resistance Weld, the Double Submerged Arc Weld or the Seamless method.


Our seamless pipe manufacturing process involves the following steps: Transformation of raw materials into steel bars (Electric arc furnace, ladle furnace, vacuum degassing and continuous casting processes) Transformation of steel bars into mother pipe, which is manufactured in different types of rolling mills Each product is manufactured in accordance with customer specifications, including heat treatment for more demanding applications. Our pipes are threaded and undergo non-destructive testing before delivery to the customer. We also offer cold-drawing for pipes with the diameter and wall thickness required for use in boilers, superheaters, condensers, heat exchangers, automobile production and several other industrial applications.


Electric Resistance Welding: During ERW, a high frequency electrical current is transmitted to the material by means of copper sliding contacts so that the abutting edges initiate fusion as they come into contact. Longitudinal Submerged Arc Welding: In LSAW, the butt joint of the pipe is welded in at least two phases, one of which is on the inside of the pipe. The welds are made by heating with an electrode arc between the bare metal electrodes. Pressure is not used. Filler metal for the welds is obtained from the electrodes. Spiral Submerged Arc Welding: Spiral SAW allows large diameter pipes to be produced from narrower plates or skelps. During this process, the weld pool is protected against oxidation by a flux produced from the electrode fed separately onto the weld.

Continuous weld pipe is normally produced in three weights:

Standard. Extra Heavy, and Double Extra Heavy NPS Va to NPS 4 Lighter weights than standard are available in certain sizes. Continuous weld pipe is available with square ends. beveled 30° for welding, threaded both ends, threaded and coupled and victaulic grooved for use with victaulic couplings. Surface finishes are available in Black (oiled). Galvanized. and Bare. CW. Pipe is also supplied with Inorganic coatings (adodic chromate, oxide and vitress enamels); Organic coatings (paints. varnishes. lacquers. rubber, and plastics such as x-tru coat and Scotchkote); Bituminous coatings (asphalt and coal tar). Continuous Weld pipe is available in 21 foot uniform lengths. single random lengths from 16 foot to 22 foot and double random lengths from 38 foot to 42 foot. Continuous Weld pipe in sizes NPS 1V2 and smaller are normally put in standard bundles as indicated in the following chart.







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