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We supply and stock seamless and welded pipes from 1/8” upto 80” in all grade. Our delivery and stock program covers high specification standards, and includes following grades.
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                       American Society for Testing:

ASTM A53 :

Standard Spec. for Pipe, Steel, Black and Hot-Dipped, Zinc-Coated, Welded and Seamless . 1.   Scope:   1.1   This   specification   covers   seamless   and   welded   black   and   hot-dipped   galvanized   steel   pipe   in   NPS   1/8   to   NPS   26   [DN   6   to   DN   650]   (Note   1),   inclusive,   with   nominal   wall   thickness   (Note   2) as   given   in   Table   X2.2   and   Table   X2.3.   It   shall   be   permissible   to   furnish   pipe   having   other   dimensions   provided   that   such   pipe   complies   with   all   other   requirements   of   this   specification.   Supplementary requirements of an optional nature are provided and shall apply only when specified by the purchaser. Note   1 .   The   dimensionless   designators   NPS   (nominal   pipe   size)   [DN   (diameter   nominal)]   have   been   substituted   in   this   specification   for   such   traditional   terms   as   "nominal   diameter,"   "size,"   and "nominal size." Note   2.   The   term   nominal   wall   thickness   has   been   assigned   for   the   purpose   of   convenient   designation,   existing   in   name   only,   and   is   used   to   distinguish   it   from   the   actual   wall   thickness,   which   may vary over or under the nominal wall thickness.

2. Referenced Documents:

A90/A90M   Test   Method   for   Weight   [Mass]   of   Coating   on   Iron   and   Steel   Articles   with   Zinc   or   Zinc-Alloy   CoatingsA370   Test   Methods   and   Definitions   for   Mechanical   Testing   of   Steel   ProductsA530/A530M Specification   for   General   Requirements   for   Specialized   Carbon   and   Alloy   Steel   PipeA700   Practices   for   Packaging,   Marking,   and   Loading   Methods   for   Steel   Products   for   ShipmentA751   Test   Methods, Practices,   and   Terminology   for   Chemical   Analysis   of   Steel   ProductsA865   Specification   for   Threaded   Couplings,   Steel,   Black   or   Zinc-Coated   (Galvanized)   Welded   or   Seamless,   for   Use   in   Steel   Pipe   JointsB6 Specification   for   ZincE29   Practice   for   Using   Significant   Digits   in   Test   Data   to   Determine   Conformance   with   SpecificationsE213   Practice   for   Ultrasonic   Testing   of   Metal   Pipe   and   TubingE273   Practice   for Ultrasonic   Examination   of   the   Weld   Zone   of   Welded   Pipe   and   TubingE309   Practice   for   Eddy-Current   Examination   of   Steel   Tubular   Products   Using   Magnetic   SaturationE570   Practice   for   Flux   Leakage Examination of Ferromagnetic Steel Tubular ProductsE1806 Practice for Sampling Steel and Iron for Determination of Chemical  

ASTM A106 :

Standard Specification for Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe for High-Temperature Service 1.   Scope   ;   1. 1   This   specification   covers   seamless   carbon   steel   pipe   for   high-temperature   service   (Note   1)   in   NPS   1/8   to   NPS   48   [DN   6   to   DN   1200]   (Note   2)   inclusive,   with   nominal   (average)   wall thickness   as   given   in   ASME   B36.10.   It   shall   be   permissible   to   furnish   pipe   having   other   dimensions   provided   such   pipe   complies   with   all   other   requirements   of   this   specification.   Pipe   ordered   under   this specification   shall   be   suitable   for   bending,   flanging,   and   similar   forming   operations,   and   for   welding.   When   the   steel   is   to   be   welded,   it   is   presupposed   that   a   welding   procedure   suitable   to   the   grade   of steel and intended use or service will be utilized. Note 1:   It is suggested, consideration be given to possible graphitization. Note   2 :   The   dimensionless   designator   NPS   (nominal   pipe   size)   [DN   (diameter   nominal)]   has   been   substituted   in   this   standard   for   such   traditional   terms   as   "nominal   diameter",   "size",   and   "nominal size".1.2   Supplementary   requirements   of   an   optional   nature   are   provided   for   seamless   pipe   intended   for   use   in   applications   where   a   superior   grade   of   pipe   is   required.   These   supplementary requirements   call   for   additional   tests   to   be   made   and   when   desired   shall   be   so   stated   in   the   order.1.3   The   values   stated   in   either   SI   units   or   inch-pound   units   are   to   be   regarded   separately   as   standard. The   values   stated   in   each   system   may   not   be   exact   equivalents.   Therefore,   each   system   is   to   be   used   independently   of   the   other.1.4   The   following   precautionary   caveat   pertains   only   to   the   test method   portion,   Sections   11,   12,   and   13   of   this   specification:   This   standard   does   not   purport   to   address   all   of   the   safety   concerns,   if   any,   associated   with   its   use.   It   is   the   responsibility   of   the   user   of   this standard to establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use.

            Carbon Steel :

A53 grade A + grade B P235 A106 grade B + grade C P265 Wst. 1.4301 A333 grade 3 + grade 6 P265NLWst. 1.4401 API 5L grade B / X42 /X52 /X60 / X65 /X70 P355 - P460 Wst. 1.4541  

Carbon steel is more commonly used :

Than     any     other     metal,     and     has     long     been admired   for   its   versatility   and   low   cost.   Federal Steel   stocks   a   complete   selection   of   carbon   steel pipe   and   steel   tubing   in   an   extraordinary   range   of grades    and    specifications.    Seamless    steel    pipe and   tubing   is   stocked   in   outer   diameters   (OD’s) through    36”,    ERW    (Electric    Resistance    Welded) pipe,   including   rolled   and   welded   pipe   and   spiral weld   pipe,   is   stocked   in   OD’s   through   60”.   As   a specialist    in    schedule    and    non-schedule    heavy wall    pipe    and    tubing,    Federal    Steel    inventories multiple     specifications,     including     API     5L     (X- grades),   ASTM   (A106   ,   A53   ,   A519,   A513   Type   5 DOM), and ASME specifications.

                     Alloy Steel:

A335 grade P1          16 Mo3 A335 grade P5         13CrMo45 A335 grade P9         10CrMo9-10 A335 grade P11/P12        X10CrMoVNb9-1 A335 grade P22 A335 grade P91

The benefits of alloy steel pipe:

The   benefits   of   alloy   steel   pipe   include   its   tensile strength,      yield      strength,      fatigue      resistance, toughness,   and   wear   resistance.   As   suppliers   of seamless    and    welded    alloy    steel    pipe,    Federal Steel   specializes   in   'chrome   moly'   SA335   piping   in grades   P5,   P9,   P11,   P22,   and   P91.   Chrome   moly power   piping   is   used   extensively   in   power   plants throughout   the   world.      In   addition   to   SA335,   other specifications    we    offer    include    A519    and    rolled and   welded   pipe   in   A-691.   Alloy   piping   products are   available   in   outer   diameters   through   60”   (OD) and up to 4” wall thickness. -

                               Stainless Steel:

A312 / A358   TP304 (L/H)          UNS S 30400     WSt. 1.4301 A312 / A358   TP316 (L/H/Ti)      UNS S 31600     WSt. 1.4401 A312 / A358   TP321 (H)          UNS S 32100     WSt. 1.4541 A312 / A358   TP347 (H)          UNS S 34700     WSt. 1.4550 A790               6 Mo                      UNS S 31254     WSt. 1.4529 A790               Duplex          UNS 31803            WSt. 1.4462 A790               Super Duplex       UNS S 32750         WSt. 1.4501 A790               Super Duplex       UNS S 32760     WSt. 1.4501

To answer the question “Why Stainless Steel?

these and other beneficial properties of the Mo containing stainless

steels are summarized as follows:

Excellent    corrosion    resistance    -    SS    are    significantly    more    resistant    to oxidation   by   water   and   biocides   than   carbon   steel   and   cast   or   ductile iron. This results in longer  life time for pipelines. Corrosion   protection   –   an   internal   and   external   coating   is   not   required for   SS,   nor   is   cathodic   protection.   This   reduces   system   cost   and   makes stainless steels more compatible with environment. Hygienic   materials   -   due   to   their   very   high   passive   film   stability,   SS   are basically   inert   in   waters.   Leaching   of   alloying   elements   (Cr   and   Ni)   is within   safe   limits.   As   a   result,   they   provide   a   better   quality   of   drinking water.

Pipes :