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Manhattan   Trading      LLC   ,   One   of   the   leading   stockist   and   supplier   of   Piping   Materials   in   Turkey,   Qatar   ,   KSA   ,   UK   and     U.A.E.   We   have   been   successfully   serving   both   domestic   and   international   industries   of   Offshore-Onshore,   Petrochemical, drilling,   Marine,   and   Energy-Power   .   Sector   by   having   head   office   located   in   heart   of   Duabi   ,   UAE   and   the   branch   office in birmingham , UK. Through   our   range   of   Stock   ,We   cater   to   the   needs   of   our   varoius   client   industries   in   Middle   East. Company   based   in the    UAE.    Since    2006    Manhattan    Trading    L.L.C    has    established    under    registration    Number    67252    Dubai    Economic department and Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry .
We,   Manhattan   Travel   Management   Ltd,   dedicated   to   meeting   business   needs,   Passport   and   visa   service,   Consulate &   Embassy,   travel   corporate   services   blend   professional   advice   with   innovative   travel   products   at   competitive prices.Company    Number    11539093,The    Registrar    of    Companies    for    England    and    Wales,    hereby    certifies    that MANHATTANS   TRAVEL   MANAGEMENT   LTD   ,is   this   day   incorporated   under   the   Companies   Act   2006   as   a   private company,   that   the   company   is   limited   by   shares,   and   the   situation   of   its   registered   office   is   in   England   and   Wales Given at Companies House, Cardiff, on  2018 .
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